Partners | IRDP


IRDP has been working in close partnership with the international NGO Interpeace since the beginning of its activities. This partnership includes sharing best practices and methodologies, monitoring IRDP’s work in order to achieve its targets and reflecting together on issues regarding peace in Rwanda and in the region.

IRDP has developed networks of collaboration with other peacebuilding actors such as other organizations promoting peacebuilding programmes in Rwanda and abroad, The Rwanda Peace Academy, civil society organizations, religious organisations, regional and international organisations and other actors engaged in the field of building sustainable peace in Rwanda and in the region.

IRDP is a non-profit organisation funded by contributions from peacebuilding partners, foundations, and private donors. IRDP’s programs are supported by international donors such as SIDA, USAID, European Union, a Swiss private foundation, that funds different components and projects of the programme.

Our financing is in accordance with the laws for non-profit organisations in Rwanda and IRDP remains committed to providing transparency and accountability to all stakeholders.

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